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KPIs in the format of MS Excel files that are available for purchase are a spreadsheets packed with metrics information plus the calculation way. For instance, for call-center we have paid experts from several large call-center companies to elaborate and share certain metrics, that they think are the basic and the most important. So it's valuable, real-life experience which will help to improve the performance of your business.


Right now you can download a trial version of Excel files, which will give you an idea about what the commercial version looks like.

How to download KPI?

1. Go to the main page of strategy2act

2. Use search function to find KPI according to your needs

3. Click "Download" button



System requirements



MS Excel (any version)




You can download the evaluation version of scorecards. Changes of performance and weight values will not affect any changes of perspective performance and total performance values. To have a fully function scorecard you should purchase a full version.

KPI Download
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