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Balanced Scorecard Metric Template Products:

Employees Management and Improvement Scorecards

HR Metrics: HR, HR Hire, HR Training, Leadership, Motivation, HR Outsourcing, Awards, Retirement, Training Pack.

Communications Metrics: Communication Measurements, Cell Phone, Internet Access, VOIP.

Personal Metrics: Productivity, Innovations, Time Management, Trade Show, Personal Finance.

Education Metrics: Education, Academic Research, Certification, University Scorecard, School Management.

Marketing and PR in Business

CRM Metrics: Customer Relationship, Product Knowledge Management, Customer Profitability, Customer Profiling, Customer Value, Customer Conversion, Customer Loyalty.

Marketing Metrics: Web Investment, Brand Evaluation, Presentation, Marketing, Direct Mail, Conference, Word of Mouth Marketing, Exhibitions.

Sales Metrics: Retail Sales, Sales, Hypermarket, Online Retail.

Advertising Metrics: Web Advertising, Press Advertising, TV Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Cinema Advertising, CD Advertising.

Business Intelligence Metrics: Competitor Analysis, Marketing Research, Benchmarking.

Online Business Metrics: Web Hosting, SEO, Website Design.

Customer Service Metrics: Call-Center, Help Desk, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center Outsourcing.

Finance and Accounting Management

Banking Metrics: Credit Risk, Retail Banking, Mortgage, Credit Card Processing, Investment Banking.

Finance Metrics: Financial Statement Analysis, Active Portfolio Management, Passive Investments, Financial Crisis, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Securities, Financial Insurance Company, Leasing Company, E-commerce Scorecard, Financial Outsourcing, Financial Benchmarking, Earned Value.

Accounting Metrics: Accounting Firm, HR accounting, Profit Focused Accounting.

Financial service Metrics: Asset Management Firm, Brokerage Firm, Wealth Management, Financial Advisory.

Financial Management Metrics: Activity Based Management, Value Based Management, Activity Based Costing, Intellectual Capital Development.

Project Management Scorecards

Project Management Metrics: Project Management, Product Launch, Operations, Risk Metrics, Change Management, Resource Management, Cost Management.

Risk Management Metrics: Market Risk, Financial Risks, Operational Risk.

Crisis Management Metrics: Mergers and Acquisitions, Data Loss, Crisis Management Companies, Government Crisis Management, Natural Disaster Management.

Knowledge Management Metrics: Content Management, Knowledge management, Intellectual Capital, Data Records Management, Data Entry and Document Imaging, Data Integrity.

Business Management Metrics: Business Mission and Vision, Business Strategy, Public Sector, Non-Profit, Private Sector, Service Level Agreement.

Development Scorecards

Quality Metrics: 6 Sigma Metrics, Continuous Improvement, TQM, Quality Improvement.

Outsourcing Metrics: Tasks Outsourcing, Product Outsourcing, Service Outsourcing.

Manufacturing Metrics: Capacity management, Just in time, Manufacturing, Modular manufacturing, Forestry.

Vertical Business Scorecards

Social Metrics: Social Responsibility, Social Security, Unemployment.

Computer Networks Metrics: Network Management, Network Security, ITIL Asset Management.

Leisure and Recreation Metrics: Ski Resort, Tennis Club, Sport Gym, Golf Club, Yacht and Sailing Club, Swimming Pool.

Publishing Metrics: Publishing, E- Publishing.

Security Metrics: Identity Theft Risks, Security and Privacy, IT Security, Data Leakage, Intrusion Prevention.

Transportation Metrics: Supply Chain, Transportation, Inventory and Warehousing, Logistics, Custom Office, Travel Agency, Procurement.

Real Estate Metrics: Real Estate, Property Investment, Facility Management, Hotel Management, Office Maintenance, Real Estate Agency.

Energy Metrics: Oil Production, Gas Production, Electricity Production, Alternate Energy Sources, Electricity Delivery, Gas Station, Biofuel Production.

Medical Metrics: Medical, Health Insurance, Health care facilities, Dental Practice.

Legal Metrics: Law Department, Litigation, Intellectual Property.

Airlines Metrics: Airlines, Airport, Crew Management, Airline Ticketing and Reservation, Airport safety.

Insurance Metrics: Insurance Claims, Insurance Sales.

Food Service Metrics: Restaurant, Cafe, Winery.

Software Development Metrics: Web Application Testing, Functional Software Testing, Software Design, Programming.

Mass media Metrics: Television Station, Radio Station, Newspaper Management, Web Blog.

Metallurgy Metrics: Steel Making, Aluminum Production.

Ecology Protection Metrics: Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Recycling, Global Warming.

Car Business Metrics: Car Renting, Car Sales, Car Manufacturing, Car Insurance, Car Safety, Auto Repair Workshop, Auto Wash.

City Services Metrics: Police Services, Firefighter Service, Court Management, Emergency and Ambulance.

Culture Metrics: Museum Management, Theatre Management.

Personal Health Metrics: Personal Health, Weight Loss.

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Balanced Scorecard Facts

Balanced Scorecard Fact Sheet: 95% of typical workforce does not understand its organizations' strategy, 70% of organizations do not link middle management incentives to strategy, 80% of organizations using balanced scorecard reported improvements in operating performance, 30% of companies think that the most important to their company today is performance management.

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Software that will help you to manager your KPIS

BSC Designer - strategic planning software

BSC Designer is a strategic planning software that helps to manage strategy maps and KPIs.

Balanced Scorecard and KPI Training

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Balanced Scorecard Design Toolkit is a must-have guide for any KPI and Balanced Scorecard expert, find there examples, step-by-step algorithms, ready-to-use schemes.

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Ready-to-use Templates

Balanced Scorecard Templates - ready-to-use PowerPoint templates for your Balanced Scorecard projects.

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